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In order to get your machin ID do these steps. first install RhinoPlus, then type the command "GetMachinID" in your Rhino command bar and then paste the result Text here

RhinoPlus is a plug-in that provides additional commands in Rhino for easier use. For more information about RhinoPlus, visit https://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/rhinoplus.

For contacting me, you can email to: Ehsan0921@gmail.com


  • PanelAutoDimension: (Premium command+Trial) This command is useful for AutoDimensioning the Panel with Generating the CSV Excel file.
  • BlockManagementPlus: It can give you the option to categorize your Blocks in a file by the colon Character "::". For example, Door::TwoSideDoor will show as Door, then the next category as TwoSideDoor.
  • CompareTwoObjects: This command will check if two objects are the same and identical or not.
  • CurveLengthFilter: It can give you the option to select curves by the specific length.
  • GetID: It will show you the coordination data of a point as X, Y, Z.
  • AddID: It will add the coordination data of a point as X, Y, Z to your drawing.
  • GetIDPrecision: You can adjust the decimal of the GetID command with this command.
  • IsPlanar: Show you whether a surface is planar or not.
  • MultipleAlignedDim: It will help you to dimension multiple lines at once.
  • RotateReference: This command helps you to rotate 3D and 2D with a reference angle.
  • SelAnnotationStylesFilter: This command helps you to select Annotation by their style.
  • ImportCSV: Importing CSV excel file to your Rhino as Text.
  • GenerateBarcode: This command can add Barcode to your drawing as an image.
  • ChangeLayers: This command will change multiple objects layers to different layers.
  • SelectSubLayersObject: It will let you select different Layer's objects by their name.
  • ImportFBXfileClean: This command brings the FBX file to your Rhino cleaner than the usual method.
  • ExplodeBlockKeepBlockName: This command will explode the blocks but keep the block name as Keys so later you can use them for reblocking.
  • ExportByKeyValue: Exporting multiple files and name the files as KeyValues of each object.
  • GroupNameToKeyValue: Adding the group name to KeyValue.
  • InsertKeyValueFromCSV: Adding new key value to objects from a CSV file.
  • KeyValueToIFCParameter: Using the VisualARQ plugin for adding the KeyValue of objects as IFC parameters.